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[Covid-19] Thermal Screening

We offer temperature screening cameras linked to monitors at security or reception as well as live monitoring screens via our wireless technology. Each camera can screen up to 30 individuals at once as they enter the building.

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[Covid-19] Thermal Access Control

We offer a facial recognition terminal that can either be used as a stand alone temperature screening device or be linked to monitors at security or reception as well as live monitoring screens via our wireless technology. The terminal can recognize if an individual is wearing a mask and can deny access on non compliance.

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[Covid-19] Touchless Lift Operation

We offer touchless lift operation by scanning a QR code with any smart phone’s camera. A touch screen on your phone will allow you to call the lift and select your destination. Our technology provides a direct link to the lift controls without having to download an app or be required to be on the building’s Wi-Fi network making it ideal for implementation in public spaces as well as office buildings. This technology can be fitted to any existing lift.

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Field Equipment Stations (FES)

The bleedingEdge FES, acts as a wireless protocol converter, accessing multiple inputs and outputs and converting the information info a common IP based protocol, that is accessed through a custom APi via Bluetooth and Wifi.

The FES can interface with all BacNet (MSTP or IP) and Modbus RTU devices through a serial port; and has up to 8 configurable I/O ports to switch or read inputs from devices with digital and analogue channels.

The FES intelligence is all software based and can be configured and updated remotely for standalone operation or connected to the bleedingEdge BTS or similar automation servers.

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Building Telemetry System

The bleedingEdge BTS, read data & provides control to all the devices on your network, and can use existing central automation servers, like Schneider or Tridium systems; the BTS can be hosted on servers on-site or in the CLOUD; and is scalable to accomodate any size project: from Home Automation to Corporate Offices and High powered Data Centres.

Using a secured dedicated Wifi IP network, our groundWorks teams can install and configure a bleedingEdge BTS in a fraction of the time of traditional wired Building Management systems.

The BTS also allows for intuitive access via bleedingEdge apps on tablets and phones. Users are able to control equipment such as air conditioning setpoint, fan speed and scheduling; as well as interogate operating conditions and action alerts from equipment not operating within its thresholds.

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Leak Detection

Take control of your water consumption by installing the bleedingEdge Leak Detection kit, complete with FES and high quality flow meter and motorised ball valve. With 8 channels, you can monitor mutliple points of any size, from a building down to a single tap.

The setup of the Leak Detection can be achieved as a stand-alone onboard application or as part of a Building Telemetry service. Using the onboard APi the FES can be configured to set limits and thresholds and provide feedback on the connected meters, even send Text Message when a leak is detected.

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Customized Solutions

As we approach the bleedingEdge we acknowledge the broad scope of solutions and applications the technlogies provided by the BTS and FES platforms, and know there are more to come. If you have need a customised solution, feel free to contact our boneWorks engineering department to find out how to take yourself closer to the Edge

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