Approaching the Edge ...

To be bleedingEdge, you have to live beyond the Cutting Edge , past the Razors Edge. You have to feel the impact, ride with momentum and change your direction at just the right moment. To be bleedingEdge you have to want it all and push the limits of your technical and creative capabilities. Only then will you realize the enormity of global potential, that is at your fingertips.

We have only had a taste and we want more! With the advent of Micro-computing, cloud storage, Artificial Intelligence & IoT allowing millions of sensors to permeate our lives, measuring and storing every miniscule change in temperature, pressure, humidity, location, Watt of energy, drop of water; and many more. We have tapped into, and expanded onto; this cloud of data to bring all this information to your fingertips

We also understand that the user is at the epicentre of all this data, the calm centre of the digital storm; where decisions are made; events are actioned and lives are changed, for the better.

Based on more than 25 years in the Engineering, Building Environmet and Construction fields; bleedingEdge has expelled the legacy notions that have constrained innovative progress in the construction and operation of building services; and put the users needs into sharp focus.

Comprised of a dedicated research division, the boneWorks; that is constantly pushing beyond the Edge, while also supporting the groundWorks teams that make our vision of living beyond the Edge a hard reality.

Wether you own operate a high density Data Centre, commercial office builing or manage your monthly expenses at home; the bleedingEdge can give you the tools to to make your life and the lives of those around you easier.

The benefits of living on the Edge are clear, higher efficiencies - lower costs - productive people - ease of access - cleaner environments - responsible managment - all this, and more, at your fingertips...

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